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Precision in Clinical Trials Summit Germany

September 27, 2022
September 28, 2022
Hilton Frankfurt Hotel

Join us at the Precision in Clinical Trials summit Frankfurt, Germany (Europe) for a two-day journey into the insightful world of clinical trials. You’ll connect with an incredible gathering of experts and uncover practical advice from industry-leading researchers, peers, and executives. PCT Europe will be a unique platform for the largest bio-pharmaceutical hub in the region to network and discuss collaboration in order to achieve their outsourcing and operational strategies. It has been tailor-made to address the concerns of trial sponsors who are conducting clinical trials at a local and global level. With an innovation-focused agenda, pre-scheduled meetings between potential collaborators and a host of reliable solution providers, the summit is designed to help attendees find solutions to their most pressing clinical trial challenges in 2022 and beyond.

Session Information:

Title: The added-value of biostatistics-driven Randomization and Trial Supply Management System (IDDI & Clario)

Date: Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Time: 12:00 p.m. CTE

RTSM and EDC technologies and systems are essential to managing clinical trials which explains IDDI’s strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Clario. As clinical trials become increasingly complex, biostatisticians become even more essential, providing the needed insight to understand protocol-specific randomization nuances and make optimal randomization decisions to improve trial outcomes. This case study focused session will highlight how biostatisticians were involved at multiple stages of clinical trials, during study design, randomization implementation, rerandomization needs, randomization and drug supply checks, unblinding and final analysis. It will also highlight how biostatisticians at IDDI were key in selecting Clario as their strategic RTSM partner.



Paul Vanbosterhaut

Senior RTSM System Specialist at IDDI

Paul Vanbosterhaut is the Senior RTSM System Specialist at IDDI, a therapy-focused expert clinical data services and high-level strategic consulting contract research organization committed to increasing efficiency and mitigating risks throughout the drug development process. He is an expert in clinical data from trial design to data submission and is dedicated to results that maximize for business results. Paul is passionate about technology and innovation as evident in his ability to understand and synthesize customer needs. Prior to his role at IDDI, Paul was the Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada and also held roles at Vircom Europe, SA and RealScale Technologies. He has also developed software for schools to advance communications between parents and educators.


Lovelina D’Souza 

Managing Director, US & Europe at Clario

Lovelina D’Souza, is Managing Director, EU at Clario, and is responsible for the sales of the Software Solutions portfolio in Europe. Lovelina holds a BSc (Chemistry), from University of Mumbai, a PGDM (Pharma Management) from IES MCRC in Mumbai, and an Executive MBA from Bayes Business School, London, where she received the Women in Business Award. She has extensive industry experience including working with McKinsey & Co in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Practice.