Business Intelligence

Clario’s unified reporting system for consistent trial oversight

We know the challenges of running a successful clinical trial across multiple sites, partners, and various devices require centralized oversight. At the center of our clinical trial management and document, system are performance reports for guidance in making insightful operational decisions.

Example report

Data collection reports

Quickly access and interact with endpoint evidence

  • eCOA and imaging compliance
  • Cardiac safety test quality
  • Respiratory measurements

Study progress reports

Monitor the progress and health of a study

  • Visit tracking and completion
  • Subject enrollment and inclusion details

Engagement reports

Monitor engagement and communication

  • Customer care tickets
  • Evidence correction queries
  • Study contact information
  • User login and report activity
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Gain insight from:

  • Single point access to summarized evidence and detailed information
  • Tailored reports to manage projects and maintain quality and compliance
  • Identifying issues that could impact trial performance

Data insights

Manage data quality and compliance with automated insight and detection.

Next best action: focused, targeted problem solution

Our fundamental approach to clinical trial risk management starts with presenting answers, not questions. By applying advanced analytics to our Endpoint and Safety data, we can provide visibility on where problems might exist so that you can take action. Data Insights is a clinical trial data management system that removes the time spent looking for problems and repurposes that time to solving them.

Data insights study view
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Take confident and decisive action

Act before risks become issues to trial outcomes and data quality.

Gain trust in your data quality and compliance through enhanced visibility across the study portfolio with our clinical trial data management system.

Prioritize workflow for quicker issue resolution and cost savings.

Reduce effort through automation and intuitive visualization that time to solving them.

Data exchange

Inbound and outbound data integration with Sponsor, CRO and 3rd Party systems to analyze, and monitor for data quality and trial compliance in support of surveillance and oversight.

As our industry strengthens its focus on Data Analytics, one of the most significant barriers for our customers in reaching their goals is access to data. You cannot unlock the value of data without full transparency and accessibility. Clario has made a significant investment in our clinical trial data analysis and management infrastructure to meet our customers’ unique data services needs in answer to this challenge.

Automated file transfers solutions allow companies to:

Monitor and track all file transfers from a central platform

Securely and reliably exchange of critical data

Maintain visibility overall file transfer activity

Meet and maintain security and compliance requirements

Data transfer solutions offered


Clario automatically transfers data configured to your specifications

Real-time data transfer

Provide Clario data to 3rd party systems in a near real-time data stream.


Receive Clario data on-demand from Clario systems over scalable RESTful web service.

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