Clario has been supporting respiratory clinical trials for more than 50 years, helping our customers achieve their goals at more than 80,000 sites worldwide.

Generating meaningful, valid, high-quality data in respiratory studies is notoriously difficult, but Clario leverages decades of experience and the latest tools and technologies to reduce data variability, identify outliers and produce exceptional data – study after study.

Technician training
Centralized data hub
Expert overread

Clario SpiroSphere®

Flexible solutions for capturing respiratory endpoints

  • Customized devices – Clario provides devices customized for clinical study workflows, enabling collection of full, high-resolution spirometry curves and other PFT metrics.
  • Paper study support – Sponsors looking to use existing site equipment can leverage a paper-based approach and still benefit from Clario’s data management, overread and reporting services.
  • Technician training – Clario empowers clinicians through expert training conducted either virtually, on site or at regional investigator meetings. All technicians must demonstrate repeatable proficiency acquiring a quality test that meets the ERS/ATS standards.

Industry-leading data management, analysis and insights

  • Centralized data hub – Clario’s centralized EXPERT® platform ensures data uniformity, accessibility and security. Sites and sponsors can instantly upload pulmonary function test results and have real-time visibility to patient and site data, enabling timely trial decisions.
  • Overread, analysis and reports – Our experts across the globe utilize an indication-specific overread strategy and can even provide one-hour express overread for immediate results while the patient is still on-site. Clario also offers advanced reporting tools to proactively identify trial compliance and performance issues.
  • Site quality and patient eligibility – For half a century, Clario has collected proprietary data on the performance of 1000’s of sites. Combined with tools that simplify patient eligibility, Clario provides the insights necessary to minimize recruitment time and cost.

Complementary services to support all aspects of your respiratory trial

  • eCOA solutions – Flexible support for mobile devices, browser-based applications, and customer or patient owned devices, all loaded with common respiratory questionnaires such as ACQ-7 and AQLQ
  • Cardiac safety endpoints – Capture the ECG and blood pressure endpoints necessary in respiratory trials with Clario’s industry-leading services
  • Pulmonary imaging – Comprehensive support for thoracic imaging modalities to align all pulmonary endpoints within a single supplier
  • Additional endpoints – Pulse oximetry, 6MWT and actigraphy, sleep monitors, blood glucose monitors, inhaler medication adherence

Why choose Clario for pulmonary studies and respiratory clinical trials?

Clario helps sponsors, sites, and patients with the best tools, training, and support needed to tackle a variety of respiratory measurements. Clario’s training and endpoint collection services combined with industry-leading centralized data management and analysis helps clients:

Obtain consistent, high-quality data

Identify and mitigate risks

Shorten timelines and reduce costs

Reduce variability and increase statistical power

Reduce site burden

Improve submissions and study outcomes

Whether a site is an established pulmonary facility looking to utilize its existing equipment or a remote oncology clinic with no prior experience in spirometry, Clario creates customized solutions to meet individual needs and helps clients achieve high quality data, exceeding current ATS/ERS guidelines.

Clario has helped sponsors collect test data for a wide array of indications

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