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Opal V2R wearable sensor


The Opal V2R® is a research grade wearable sensor* that delivers meaningful outcomes and richer insights. Use the Opal in your research study and benefit from the below:

  • High sampling rate
  • Stream to MATLAB, Java, Python, C
  • Access raw data
  • Sync with other systems
  • Up to 12h streaming at 128Hz
  • Up to 24 Opals on one network
  • Stream or log data
  • Gyroscope + accelerometer + magnetometer + barometer
  • Powered by APDM

*The Opal V2R system is intended for research use only, and not clinical trials. If you aren’t sure which solution is for you, please contact us.

Available research solutions

Get deeper insights and make meaningful discoveries when you combine the Opal V2R sensor with our available software solutions.

Motion Studio

Raw movement data

Perfect for those who want to develop their own protocols and algorithms, Motion Studio is the default software suite bundled with any purchase.

It also provides:

  • Advanced configuration
  • Recording
  • Real-time visualization
  • Calibration
  • Data management features

Mobility Lab

Gait and balance analysis

Mobility Lab’s portable gait and balance system is the solution chosen by most researchers. In addition to functionality offered by Motion Studio, Mobility Lab offers researchers sensitive, reliable, and valid outcome measures for assessing functional mobility.

Moveo Explorer

Full-body kinematics

Moveo Explorer transforms your space into a portable motion capture lab, streamlining kinematic analysis. Simply attach sensors and have your subject perform a task. Moveo Explorer automatically generates a comprehensive report with joint angles, gait, balance metrics, and raw data.

Resources and support

Get help troubleshooting, request support for Opal V2R, and learn more about Mobility Lab and Moveo Explorer.

Elderly woman walking with Opal sensors in clinical trial study

Get expert scientific guidance for your research study

Gain expert scientific guidance and leverage our Opal technology, trusted by over 1,000 researchers and featured in 700+ peer-reviewed publications.

Unlock the full potential of your research with Opal V2R technology.