Patient data driven by science

We believe in leading with eCOA science to make clinical trials easier, faster, more engaging and accessible to all. Our world-class scientific expertise drives solutions which are built around your patient, powered by innovative technology and supported by over 25 years of experience.

Accelerate your eCOA study setup

Clario’s enhanced eCOA study build delivers rapid setup and fast deployment to help you meet critical deadlines through:

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Greater configuration

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Simplified design specification review

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Faster translations

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Pre-built, validated standardized assessment libraries

Inclusivity through decentralized trial solutions

Clario eCOA helps sponsors open up trials to more communities around the world, making research more diverse and inclusive:

  • Remote solutions for over 25 years, reducing patient burden and travel time
  • Multilingual helpdesk across all time zones
  • Assessments in over 114 languages
  • Take part from any location with our flexible technology options: Bring-your-own-device (BYOD), web or provisioned device (available in over 100 countries)

Connected devices

Connected devices make taking part in clinical studies straightforward. Clario’s devices are pre-validated for use in clinical trials and integrated with the eCOA device to capture ECG, spirometry, blood glucose levels, activity levels, movement endpoints and many more.

Alivecor KardiaMobile6L device

Alivecor KardiaMobile6L

ispiro device


Glucometer device


Actigraph Watch

Actigraph Watch

Opal® Precision Motion Monitoring Device

Opal® Precision Motion Monitoring

Spotlight on eCOA in Oncology trials

Explore Clario’s extensive expertise in supporting Oncology clinical trials.

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Ensure regulatory compliance

Understand the latest regulatory Oncology guidance.

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Design patient-centric trials

Discover how to reduce burden while generating quality patient-reported outcomes (PROs).

Differentiate your Oncology drug

See how a strong PRO strategy can help your drug stand out in the market.

eCOA basics

When capturing patient data sponsors have the choice of using paper or electronic methods. In this section we take a look at how these compare. If you’d like to discuss these options further, contact our eCOA Science team.

Flexible device modalities

Clario captures the eCOA data you need for your development program studies, regulatory approval and drug differentiation. We enable patients to participate wherever they are in the world and in a way that fits into their daily lives through a choice of flexible technologies.

example provisioned device iphone for eCOA data collection

Provisioned devices

example tablet for eCOA data collection


BYOD iphone example phone screen for eCOA data collection


example home computer for eCOA data collection

Home computer

End-to-end support and guidance

End-to-end solutions make trials simple for you, your sites and your patients.

eCOA scientific guidance

At-home and at-site solutions

Patient oversight and safety

Local and global studies

in-house support desk

Monitor clinical trial progress in real-time

With more data being captured away from site, the ability to review real-time data across multiple solutions including EDC, eCOA and connected devices is critical.

Keep trials on track with patient, study and program data insights

Scientific guidance and therapeutic area solutions

Engage with our eCOA scientific and therapeutic area experts early on in your clinical development program to ensure the right eCOA endpoints are being measured, using the most appropriate assessments and the right technology. Our team has developed tailored solutions across multiple therapeutic areas and indications built upon 25 years of industry experience.

Our therapeutic area expertise across 560 indications

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Women’s Health

Talk to a specialist

Our team of experts is available to address questions you may have about our integrated eCOA solutions. Submit your contact information and we’ll be in touch shortly.