Cardiac safety concerns are among the leading reasons that promising drugs are delayed or abandoned.  Centralized ECG collection drives optimal enrollment decisions, increases patient safety and speeds trials. Clario is a leading provider of ECG services, with 50 years of experience designing and conducting successful studies. We offer a range of options tailored to your compound, site locations and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Product detail

Our solution empowers studies with standard assessments, high-quality data and centralized monitoring to minimize risk. Whether using a traditional ECG collection model or looking for a way to virtualize your clinical trial, our solution can be customized to support your trial design.

Traditional ECG

  • Relying on site local ECG collection causes inconsistency, poor-quality data can result in erroneously including/excluding patients due to inaccurate machine measurements
  • Our consistent equipment and analysis methodology specifically designed for clinical trials equates to high quality, clean, consistent, digital ECG data, delivered centrally to the client

Home ECG

  • Simple easy-to-use design enables patient-administered ECGs at home
  • Our solution is fully integrated with Clario’s platform and enables clinical-trial-quality centralized ECG reads 
  • Flexible technology supports patients or traveling nurse collection models with all the same benefits of a traditional site-based ECG
  • Clario applies operational expertise enabling our sponsors to execute trials in the most challenging and ever-evolving environments 

Position your trial for success with our cardiac safety solutions.