The Clario Imaging Platform

Clario’s Clinical Trial Imaging Platform is a secure, streamlined solution that provides you with accurate results for clinical trials of any complexity. We leverage our in-house medical expertise and our proprietary imaging systems to design your workflow and analysis to meet your unique needs. Using our dedicated engineering teams, you eliminate the extra layers of cost and time associated with relying on third-party systems.

In-house medical expertise

Clario is the world’s leading Imaging Core Lab with more than 30 physicians and 35 scientists dedicated to medical and clinical trial imaging. Our decades of experience in assessing and reviewing medical images have informed the development path of our proprietary imaging systems. Clario’s SMART Submit application incorporates this expertise every step of the way, from the second it screens a medical image for errors at the hospital, to the final image interpretation.

Bespoke workflows and image analysis functions

Most core labs rely on third-party imaging applications designed for clinical patient care. Because these systems often have limited functionality, they require customization that is not only costly but can also delay your study. Clario employs over 250 engineering staff dedicated to developing our proprietary imaging workstations, which feature segmentation algorithms, novel workflows and custom reporting methods. Our Clinical Trial Imaging Platform is designed to reflect the complexity of your protocol. This includes the ability to reconcile images against EDC data within our system or export it for import into a third-party EDC and view your images online.

Artificial intelligence (AI) for faster, accurate results

The combination of our AI experts and proprietary technology at our medical imaging software company is the perfect way to accelerate your imaging research and clinical trials. We develop custom AI solutions that are specific to your needs and help you deploy these solutions in an efficient, compliant manner using our experience as the top provider of medical imaging services for clinical trials. Our extensive AI development capabilities cover all medical imaging modalities and therapeutic areas.

Minimize costs and reduce delays

Automatic quality control processes result in a 6- to 48-fold reduction in common imaging issues such as submitting the wrong patient’s images or leaving in unredacted Protected Health Information (PHI).

Increase accuracy and minimize inter-reader variability

AI serves as another set of eyes on every image read to increase accuracy while minimizing variability. Moreover, pairing our imaging expertise with AI allows us to create and validate AI models looking for novel imaging biomarkers.

Pre-submission image screening helps to reduce risk, lower costs, and avoid delays

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