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Reduce eCOA setup times

Ensure your trial meets IRB submission and FPI dates with Clario’s latest tools and technology that speed up eCOA setup times.

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Avoid a lengthy TQT study

Shave off months in your study timeline by determining the cardiac safety risk of your compound in Phase I with Clario EPQT.

Move quickly between study phases

Access expertise across therapeutic areas, endpoint technologies, regulatory, safety and patient engagement throughout the duration of your trial. 

Transforming lives with the most comprehensive endpoint technologies and solutions for clinical trial management.

Scientific expertise

Our team of hundreds of clinical trial management experts ensures that therapeutic area and endpoint science informs all aspects of our evidence generation technologies. Combined with our extensive global regulatory experience, we provide certainty in the reliability and precision of clinical evidence across our technology portfolio, enabling site-based, hybrid and decentralized clinical trials.

Global scale

Thousands of customer operations professionals deliver unrivaled global deployment capability. With trials in over 120 countries, translations in over 100 languages and experience built from the delivery of over 19,000 trials, we have the regulatory and operational expertise to execute globally.

Broadest endpoint services and technology platform

Our uniquely engineered and validated clinical trial management software, connected devices and artificial intelligence solutions across Cardiac Safety, eCOA, Medical Imaging, Precision Motion and Respiratory provide the broadest evidence generation platform in the industry.

Delivering decentralized trials with reliability and precision

Only Clario has the science, innovative technologies, regulatory expertise, and global operational infrastructure to power decentralized, hybrid and site-based clinical trials — with reliability and precision. Clario offers sites and sponsors more clinical trial options, empowers patient choice, and provides the means to create diversity within clinical trials, improving health equity.

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We simplify the trial process

At Clario we are simplifying the clinical trial process for sponsors, sites, and CROs. Our platform integrates the broadest endpoint technologies, fused with deep scientific expertise and global scale. With 24/7 partner and patient support, along with training and instructions integrated into our devices, our technology and clinical trial management and solutions drive successful adoption, compliance, and retention.

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