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Create custom, automated workflows to streamline the screening process

  • Improve efficiency: Customize workflows by country or region to simplify case flow administration. Workflows can be simple or complex, single or straight line and include concurrent reviews to speed the screening process.
  • Keep all team members on track: Restrict worklist access with tightly controlled, role-specific permissions that keep stakeholders focused on determining eligibility and filling enrollment goals.
  • Language localization: Enable team members to screen patients in their local language and use relevant, region-specific criteria with a UI that can be translated.
  • View performance metrics: Give your sponsors and team members actionable analytics via customizable dashboards that display real-time global metrics and reporting.

Centralize tracking on a cloud-based platform to reduce costs

  • Save time: Eliminate time-consuming, manual touchpoints and spreadsheets when tracking participant screening status and harmonize data from various sources to track the status of all participants and sites on one platform.
  • Single source of inclusion and exclusion data: Reduce errors with a central repository that features data verification for inclusion and exclusion criteria and provides a full review of enrollees and all required information.
  • Central repository: Transition away from paper-based or outdated tracking systems to a centralized, global, cloud-based repository that enables data to be entered from anywhere in the world and allows access for all approved stakeholders. Reduce extraneous data transmission for clinical trial screening and compliance, eliminate unnecessary communication channels and reduce time to decision, making more efficient use of time and resources while reducing costs.

Enforce compliance, enhance transparency and increase assurance

21 CFR Part 11 and EU GDPR-compliant

Ensure participant privacy and regulatory compliance by tracking all de-identification actions in an unalterable audit trail. This allows for complete traceability of the decision chain, including site-level and external data sources.

Custom reporting and dashboards

Create reports that matter to you. As a stakeholder, you can define what is included in your reports. Create reports to answer questions such as: How are your sites performing? What are the current enrollment numbers? How does the inclusion/exclusion criteria selection profile compare between sites?

Customer support you can count on

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Easily store and share 21 CFR part 11 and GDPR-compliant images

Anywhere in the world from any device for use in future clinical trial projects or audits for up to 25 years

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