eCOA Live mimics the in-clinic experience, at home

eCOA Live offers patients the choice of how and where to take part in clinical trials

This unique decentralized clinical trial solution enables patients to complete ePROs, which were traditionally done at site, from the comfort and safety of their own home. 

Alternative virtual solutions require clinicians to complete these assessments alongside the patient, either via phone or video call. With the eCOA home data assessment tool, live patients enter their responses electronically and in complete privacy. This minimizes the risk of clinician bias and results in more accurate, honest and high quality responses.

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eCOA Live minimizes data bias

Patient choice and flexibility

eCOA Live enables hybrid and decentralized trials with advanced solutions, giving participants the choice of how and where they take part

More accurate data

ePROs are completed by the patient, electronically and in complete privacy, unlike alternative solutions. Data is higher quality, with minimal clinician bias

Studies stay on track and on budget

Avoid putting a trial on hold indefinitely; eCOA Live helps deliver it instead.

Data remains secure

eCOA Live complies with all data privacy regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR and 21 CFR Part 11.

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How does it work?

eCOA Live mimics the in-clinic experience of physically passing an assessment back and forth between a clinician and the patient:

  1. Patient and clinician login from different locations
  2. Clinician initiates the assessment as normal
  3. Clinician passes control of the assessment to the patient to enable them to complete their questions in total privacy
  4. Assessment is ‘passed’ back to the clinician for final sign-off

Combine with eCOA telehealth video visits

Deliver an enhanced, patient-centric decentralized solution by enabling face-to-face interactions between your patients and clinicians.

eCOA Live

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