With Clario’s electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) solution, you can ease the pressures of infectious disease trials. Our eCOA vaccine research management solution is quick to deploy, minimizes incomplete or incorrect data, and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Complying with current COVID regulations adds even more complexity — and time — to your overall plan, and you need an at-the-ready partner with deep infectious disease expertise and the latest technology to help power your study and be ready for regulatory submission.

Our vaccine research management platform and software also help to increase patient interaction and retention — while reducing the number of patients lost to follow up, which improves the data quality and enables patient tracking over time to increase the quality of study data.

The data is also more secure and, if needed, easily integrated with other data sources — making real-time analysis easier, faster and more efficient.

For vaccine development in particular, speed is paramount. You need to hit the ground running with an end-to-end development plan laser focused on achieving the first-patient enrolled (FPI) or reaching database lock. This is intensified for seasonal vaccines or those targeting epidemics.

Virtual visits improve the patient experience

Clario’s Virtual Visit solution for vaccine research management supports your study by enabling at-home consultations between patients and sites via a simple, secure app or web interface. Our remote video call technology offers a convenient way for patients to “see” their clinicians from the comfort of their own homes, reducing the need for site visits.

  • Fewer site visits and less time spent at the site
  • Live meetings with clinicians help maintain face-to-face contact, driving engagement
  • Video visits are easy to set up for both patients and sites

Flexible participant enrollment

The Clario solution offers choices for patient enrollment. Staff uses the intuitive Clario portal to enroll new participants on site. This digital process simplifies enrollment and removes the need for on-site paper diary storage. Site staff can also monitor patient diary card compliance and completion in real-time.

Alternatively, patients can enroll remotely in decentralized trials using Clario eConsent.

Low-risk transition to eCOA

If you’re moving from paper to eCOA (specifically, electronic patient-reported outcomes or ePRO), infectious disease clinical trial management software can ensure that information will be delivered more rapidly and easily while accommodating the needs of patients, site staff and stakeholders.

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