Real eClinical solutions, not headaches

Clinical trial software can be a frustrating part of the trial process when overpriced, bloated platforms with long implementation cycles slow progress of your trial. Clario delivers clinical research software focused on one goal: helping your trial run smoothly.

Clinical Trial Management (CTMS)

Clario CTMS is your solution to collect complex clinical trial evidence in a single, cohesive electronic environment. Clario’s advanced clinical trial software and management system will save you time, labor and expense associated with outdated and complicated platforms.

Randomization & Trial Supply Management (RTSM)

When you partner with Clario, you gain access to the industry’s only purpose-built, end-to-end, configurable RTSM clinical trial supply and randomization software solution — combining Clario’s Interactive Response Technologies (IRT) and advanced Trial Supply Optimization (TSO) application.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Collecting and managing clinical trial data can present a host of obstacles, like paying for expensive EDC tools you don’t need, monitoring error-prone data and dealing with lackluster technical support teams. Whether building your own study or having a full-service partner build and manage it, Clario has you covered.

Reporting & Analytics

Clario offers business intelligence (BI) solutions with performance reports to guide informed operational decisions, advanced analytics on Endpoint and Safety data to identify risks and data exchange solutions to increase stakeholder access to critical information sources.


The increased complexity of clinical trials carries a need for financial solutions to manage site and subject payments. Clario offers the industry’s only integrated platform to manage clinical trial payments seamlessly. Our comprehensive eClinical solution simplifies the financial side of clinical trials.

Innovative solutions empower you to lead the way

Clario’s investments in digital technology are changing the landscape of clinical trials and improving patients’ quality of life. Our suite of advanced, cloud-native technologies and clinical trial software uses the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically screen, clean, QC and assess complicated data.


Collect, centralize and manage participant screening and eligibility data. Customized workflows provide reviewers with the clear imagery and information required to make informed eligibility decisions with complete transparency into each participant’s eligibility status.

Clinical Adjudication

Partner with Clario to maintain focus on trial outcomes. Achieve the accuracy, transparency and compliance you require by combining our project management team and in-house clinical expertise with a centralized, cloud-based clinical adjudication platform.

Source Document Manager

Ensure sponsors or core labs have the information they need for clinical trial studies by securely collecting, storing, and sharing 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GDPR-compliant images in a cloud-based platform.

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