The landscape of clinical trials and clinical endpoints is evolving quickly. To stay ahead, we hire people who are extraordinary at what they do. People who step forward, unafraid of trying new things and pushing for better outcomes. People who take pride and ownership in their work, delivering the best possible outcomes for customers, patients and each other.

Being part of our culture of Empowered Ownership means working collectively and collaboratively, while we pursue our passion to transform patients’ lives for the better. Every person in Clario has a role to play, so if you’re willing to meaningfully contribute from day one in an environment that drives growth—for our people and our business, you’ll thrive here.

This is us. What we stand for. How we work. The difference each of us makes.

Our values

Our values underpin the culture we’re building, one of Empowered Ownership—where we step forward together as we pursue our passion to transform patients’ lives for the better. A culture that breeds enthusiasm and drives success in clinical endpoints for our customers, patients, and each other.

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People First, Always Icon

People first, always.

We think of others before we think of ourselves. We have a deep understanding of our customers, and deep empathy for patients—and each other. We’re united by our purpose—it’s why we go above and beyond to support each other, emphatically.

Courageously Curious Icon

Courageously curious.

Our appetite to blend the best of domain expertise, technology and human understanding knows no bounds. We’re relentless in pursuing the information, insights and inspiration that means we can continuously improve clinical trial site support services and technology solutions.

Deliver Exceptional Icon

Deliver exceptional.

We step forward because responsibility powers us; we don’t leave others to do what we can do ourselves. We take charge of events, delivering exceptional work for our customers, patients and each other.

Our values in practice

Our values drive everything we do. Here’s how our people bring them to life:

“I have a colleague that consistently shows leadership skills that I believe embodies “people first, always.” They continuously go above and beyond for their team, and they’re supportive of people across the organization – always willing to lend a helping hand where needed.

They continue to challenge themselves by taking on more complex studies and recently received positive feedback from one of our biggest clients, having helped turn things around during a difficult start-up phase. They noted that my colleague’s extreme responsiveness and support was highly appreciated and didn’t go unnoticed.”

“We won an imaging study with a client, and they asked us if we could do adjudication reading services to assess mobility toddlers via video. We didn’t offer this service at the time so I connected with relevant colleagues to see if we could design a unique solution to meet our clients needs.

Within one week we had a full demonstration of a new system offering and our client was delighted at the quality we’d produced. Simply exploring the possibilities of their request has led to a new service that we have contracted for several different studies. It shows that it’s always worth looking into something innovative because it resulted in a very happy and impressed client as well as a new service line.”

“During a client visit, our team member landed in France to find the city in total lockdown. There were no taxis at the airport, trains were not running, and she didn’t speak French. Our team member walked several miles to the client facility, and managed to navigating the city and locating the facility with zero assistance.

Her actions meant the site successfully qualified to participate in the clinical trial. They went on to acquire data which has led to FDA approval of the first ever disease-modifying therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease. Our team member demonstrated great resolve and dedication. Her sense of responsibility to clinical trial patients inspired her to overcome so many obstacles. She showed courage, passion, and refused to let anything stand in the way of doing her job. There can be no doubt: that day she made a difference.”

Driven by our purpose

Our purpose is to transform lives by unlocking better evidence. It’s a cause that unites and inspires us. It’s why we come to work and it’s how we inspire our people to make a positive impact every day.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Clario, we believe that diversity enriches the quality and fabric of our culture making us a stronger, better organization. We can only shape the future of clinical endpoints by creating an inclusive workplace where every individual feels celebrated for their difference, encouraged to be themselves and can contribute meaningfully to transforming patient lives.

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