A powerful combination of eCOA, photo and audio capture for clinical trials

Evaluate drug efficacy more accurately with eCOA Multimedia, using a single secure device

  • Compile a more holistic view of a patient’s condition, without any additional effort
  • Track and monitor their progress more accurately and easily over time
  • Improve compliance using a single device
  • Achieve standardized, consistent high quality images and audio recordings

At home photo capture is convenient, simple and engaging

Keep patients safe

Built-in photo capture reduces site visits, maintaining patient safety and making it easy to continue participating.

Visually track progress

Visual progress over time allows clinicians to better and more accurately evaluate efficacy.

Improve compliance

Single, simple, familiar device for both ePRO assessments and photo capture improves compliance.

Therapeutic areas

Vaccine Icon

Injection site monitoring

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Cosmetics and more

How it works

eCOA Multimedia is integrated into the normal eCOA workflow, delivering high compliance and a straightforward experience

  1. Patient completes their ePRO assessment on a handheld or tablet device
  2. For questions which require an image, the camera automatically activates along with instructions
  3. Photo is linked to the patient’s eCOA assessment and submitted automatically and securely to the study database
  4. Image is processed securely, de-identified and analyzed using Clario’s market-leading Imaging capabilities
Clario Announces eCOA Multimedia, Enhancing Patient Data Capture with Photo and Audio in Clinical Trials

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Find out how eCOA Multimedia can enrich your clinical trial data