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Receive precise and cost-effective QT assessments with Early Precision QT (EPQT). Quality QT/QTc data is imperative in today’s competitive R&D market. Clario supported 70% of all new drug approvals from 2019-2020 offering a full range of support — from study design through submission — for formal Thorough QT studies and for assessing QT safety in clinical trials for which a traditional TQT study is not feasible.

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Confidently implement EPQT in your Phase 1 studies to enable earlier, more precise and cost-effective cardiac safety assessments and potentially qualify for a TQT waiver. The EPQT methodology was clinically proven in a comprehensive clinical trial, which concluded that ECGs collected and analyzed during routine early-phase studies could reliably provide cardiac safety information typically derived from dedicated TQT studies.

  • Understand QT and other ECG effects of a new drug and ensure compliance with ICH E14 Regulation
  • Obtain reliable, precise data earlier in development using clinically proven proprietary Early Precision QT methodology
  • Navigate unexpected issues throughout your trial by collaborating with our Phase 1 Center of Excellence
  • Partner with Clario Certified Sites who are well-trained and well-equipped to shorten study startup times and collect quality data
  • Ensure promising drugs and therapies aren’t eliminated due to inaccurate data
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ECG – Phase I – IV

Monitor every heartbeat with precision and ensure safety throughout your entire clinical trial.


Collect reliable continuous ECG data for arrhythmia analysis either in-clinic or at home. Clario’s offers flexible technology solutions and patient friendly devices.

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Blood Pressure Services

Collect accurate, reliable blood
pressure data with consistent devices
and centralized data analysis.

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Regulatory Consultation and Statistical Analysis Services

Leverage our industry key opinion leaders to understand the complex regulatory landscape while minimizing risk with confidence.

Clario has supported 3,600+ early phase cardiac studies.