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DIA China 7th Drug Discovery and Innovation Conference (CDDI)

November 17, 2022
November 19, 2022
Wyndham Dragon City, No. 317, Changping Road, Changping District, Beijing, China

The CDDI conference will include meetings with a “new pattern, new opportunities, new targets, new technologies, new treatments, and new transformation”. Nine special topics will include scientific discussions, guide source innovation as the theme from the current situation of drugs and clinical pain points, look forward to the development of science and technology and translational medicine, and return to the source of innovation. It will bring in-depth thinking to the R&D needs of the biomedical industry, and bring new ideas, new directions and new strategies to the participants through dialogue and exchange of experts and leading enterprises and collision of ideas, to promote the development of China’s basic research, early R&D and industrial convergence and transformation.

Session Information:

Date: November 18th, 2022

Time: 09:00 – 12:00 CST (China Standard Time)

Onglee’s session:
Status and Prospect of Cardiac Safety Evaluation on Innovative Drug Research in China


Onglee Weng headshot

Onglee Weng

VP, General Manager at CLARIO Shanghai

美考伯医药科技(上海)有限公司 总经理

Onglee Weng is the General Manager, CLARIO Shanghai. She completed her medical training at Medical School, TongJi University. She’s a licensed physician in Shanghai China before joined Clario (and its former companies) in 2004. In her 18+ years of tenure with the company, being the General Manager of Clario Shanghai office, Onglee leverages her strong global mindset, successfully established and expanded Clario Cardiac Safety services and Medical Imaging services in China. Onglee has solid experience on supporting cardiac safety studies in China and the APAC region. She and her local team supported the first regulatory mandated Though QT trial in China in 2013. She also trained several national leading phase I centers on ICH E14 compliant TQT / CQT trials and supported them on publications in the past decade.

Onglee Weng 担任美考伯医药科技(上海)有限公司总经理。她毕业于同济大学医学院临床医学专业。 在2004年加入 Clario(及其前公司)之前,她曾在中国上海从事多年临床医师工作。 在Clario公司任职的18余 年期间,作为 Clario 上海公司的总经理,Onglee 凭借卓越的全球性思维,成功地在中国市场建立和扩展了 Clario 心脏安全服务和独立医学影像服务。 Onglee 在支持中国和亚太地区的心血管安全研究方面拥有丰富的实践经验。2013年,Onglee 和她的本地团队成功完成了在中国进行的第一个监管要求的TQT 试验。在过去十多年中,她主导了为多家国家级领先的I 期临床中心提供ICH E14 合规的 TQT / CQT 试验的相关培训,并为相关学术论文的发表提供支持。