A celebration 50 years in the making

This anniversary celebrates us, but we wouldn’t be here without you. Join us as we pay tribute to the people, events and partners that make us Clario.

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People first, always

The landscape of clinical trials and clinical endpoints is evolving quickly. To stay ahead, we hire people who are extraordinary at what they do—and cultivate an environment where they can grow and make an impact.

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Courageously curious

By embracing the information, insights and inspiration that guides us, we step forward, unafraid of trying new things and pushing for better outcomes in technology, operations and patient experience.

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Deliver exceptional

We step forward because responsibility powers us; we don’t leave others to do what we can do ourselves. We take charge of events, delivering exceptional work for our customers, patients and each other.

Innovating the future of clinical trials, made possible by our

With 50 years of experience, Clario relies on its evolution and resiliency to continue to help customers and patients.

From 1972 to today

Explore just a fraction of the thousands of remarkable people and events that have empowered us to grow, change and further our mission of unlocking better clinical evidence.


Cardio Data Systems (CDS) is established.

In 1996, CDS goes public as Premier Research Worldwide, and then in 2000, the company changes its name to eResearch Technology (ERT).
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Bio-Technologies is established.

In 2009, medical imaging provider, Bio-Technologies changes its name to Bioclinica.

ERT launches its first remote data collection technology.

ERT’s Cardiac Safety division released its first Holter monitor for continuous ECG collection for outside-of-clinic monitoring. In 2008, the company released its first home spirometer, and in 2015, its first eDiary.


ERT acquires Carefusion Research.

This acquisition added Respiratory Services to the ERT portfolio. Clario became a certified medical manufacturer and the Respiratory Services business unit grew over 116% from 2010 through 2022.

ERT acquires Invivodata.

Through this acquisition, ERT entered the eCOA business. In 2015, ERT acquired PHT Corporation, the leading innovator of eDiaries for clinical studies.


Bioclinica merges with CoreLab.

This merger brought together two of the most experienced and trusted authorities in medical imaging management for clinical trials and created a new standard in imaging core lab services, cardiovascular safety monitoring and eClinical trial management solutions.

Trial Enablement

Bioclinica merges with CCBR-Synarc

The two industry leaders merged their capabilities in medical imaging, patient recruitment, drug-development technology/consulting, cardiac safety and central-laboratory analysis, broadening the span of therapeutic areas they serve.

Hybrid Trial

ERT launches multiple technologies for DCTs and hybrid clinical trials.

Although already providing solutions for outside-of-clinic data collection for more than 15 years, the increased adoption of these technologies due to the Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring attention to the company’s technologies for eCOA, cardiac safety, respiratory testing, wearable devices and medical imaging – in addition to site-based solutions.

Clario - The best of ERT & Bioclinica

ERT and Bioclinica merge to form Clario.

The unified organization helps customers generate the richest clinical evidence by fusing deep scientific expertise and global scale into the broadest endpoint technology platform for clinical trial management. By doing this, CLARIO empowers its partners to transform lives.