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Decentralize imaging, increase retention

Convenience in clinical trials is a must – yet 60% of patients cite distance and travel time as key considerations to participating in life changing research. Exclusion of any community reduces patient representation, extends trial timelines, and incurs additional costs.

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Patient experience closer to home

Clario can provide client access to a network of prequalified, trial-ready, satellite imaging sites within 30 minutes of patients to:

  • Reduce patient drop-out, delays, and additional costs with medical image management software
  • Increase patient access to treatments
  • Improve representation within patient populations

Our operational excellence and medical image management software allows you to focus on the patient

  • Clario investigates, qualifies, and procures suitable FlexSites that meet GCP standards
  • Clario validates protocol compliance and eligibility for individual studies at FlexSites
  • Clario handles all billing, accounting, and reimbursement to FlexSites for study images
  • Clario Provides 24/7 customer support

Clario, a one-stop-shop for imaging needs

Man getting an MRI scan in hospital
Person having a CT scan

Become, enroll or inquire about becoming a FlexSite today

With initial FlexSites within 120 miles of Philadelphia, Boston, and Cleveland providing standard of care medical imaging for CT scans, radiology, X-rays, and PET/MRI, clients will be able to add pre-assessed imaging sites within a week.

Our team of medical image management software experts is available to address questions you may have about our FlexImaging solutions