High-quality compliant eCOA data captured across group of oncology studies

A leading pharma company collected timely, accurate assessments using simple, reliable eCOA technology


  • eCOA solution to collect site data in multi-indication oncology studies
  • Provisioned tablets provided engaging patient experience to capture high-quality data
  • Enabled real-time access to integrated data from multiple studies


  • Cost-effectively integrated eCOA assessments across multiple studies
  • High-quality data collected
  • Real-time access to study data supported faster decision-making


A leading pharmaceutical company required an eCOA vendor to support a group of oncology studies in multiple oncology indications. The eCOA solution needed to be customized for each study to enable sites to easily enroll suitable patients, collect site-based Quality of Life (QoL) assessments on tablets, and deliver engaging training content. This study program involved 200 sites across 30 countries with approximately 2,500 patients across several indications, including:

  • Solid tumors
  • Prostate cancer
  • Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Bladder cancer
  • Lung cancer

Each investigative site collected QoL assessments, including EQ-5D, QLQ-C30, and FACT-P, from patients.

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Clario’s eCOA solution provided efficient deployment of eCOA assessments across oncology studies in various indications. A range of QoL assessments was delivered on user-friendly tablets, along with:

  • Integrated, secure online enrollment of patients
  • Animated, engaging patient training content
  • Accurate, real-time reporting

Clinicians collected assessments during site visits, deploying Clario eCOA on provisioned tablet devices. These devices provide a simple interface for patients, ensuring high-quality endpoint data collection.


Drug approvals


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The Clario eCOA solution supported patient data collection at each site across multiple studies, achieving the pharma’s program goals. The use of site-based animated training material ensured that users easily understood the solution. The solution also streamlined the online patient enrolment process.

In addition to cost-effectively integrating eCOA assessments, Clario provided real-time access to study data and reporting, enabling faster decision-making while helping the sponsor develop a library of validated QoL assessments.

With 50 years of experience, Clario has mastered collecting the reliable evidence needed to bring new drugs and therapies to market. In total, we’ve helped customers achieve 870 drug approvals across 19,000
clinical trials in 123 countries.

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