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With thousands of oncology drugs on the market, differentiating your drug is key. 

Sponsors today need to know more than how a drug will affect their patients’ chances of survival – they want to know how it will impact their quality of life. Oncology trials too often use generic, infrequent and often lengthy questionnaires that fail to capture the patient voice and the full patient experience which can successfully differentiate your treatment in a highly competitive market. 

Speak to a Scientist to discuss how to design your PRO strategy to successfully differentiate your drug. 

How your PRO strategy can differentiate your drug

Sponsors can help differentiate their drugs by using:

  • A range of PRO assessments: Understand the full scale of patient symptoms by using PROs that measure areas like physical and role function, symptomatic adverse events, and tumor-related symptoms. 
  • Early-stage PROs (in phases I & II): Understand the full range of potential symptoms early so you can use the data to optimize your Phase III PRO strategy—ensuring that the most suitable symptomatic information is collected.
  • Technologies which collect objective data: Incorporate wearable and precision motion technologies that provide even richer information on how patients feel and function. Techniques may include continuous data actigraphy to measure fatigue or in-clinic postural sway measurements.

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Clario has a world-class Science team to ensure you have the right PRO strategy

Our Science team will advise you on the optimal PRO strategy to differentiate your drug.

  • We advise in areas such as choice of ePRO assessments, frequency of PRO administration, choice of electronic devices, and study design considerations.
  • We ensure you’re collecting sufficient patient symptoms to capture high quality data to differentiate your drug, while also simplifying participation, and driving patient engagement and compliance.

Bryan McDowell headshot

Bryan McDowell, MSc, MBA

VP, eCOA Science and Consulting

Lindsay Hughes headshot

Lindsay Hughes, PhD, MS

Director, eCOA Science and Consulting

Laura Khurana headshot

Laura Khurana, MPH

Principal Scientific Advisor

Kelly Dumais, PhD

Principal Scientific Advisor