How your PRO strategy can differentiate your drug

Sponsors can help differentiate their drugs by using:

  • A range of PRO assessments: Understand the full scale of patient symptoms by using PROs that measure areas like physical and role function, symptomatic adverse events, and tumor-related symptoms. 
  • Early-stage PROs (in phases I & II): Understand the full range of potential symptoms early so you can use the data to optimize your Phase III PRO strategy—ensuring that the most suitable symptomatic information is collected.
  • Technologies which collect objective data: Incorporate wearable and precision motion technologies that provide even richer information on how patients feel and function. Techniques may include continuous data actigraphy to measure fatigue or in-clinic postural sway measurements.
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Ensure your PRO strategy meets regulatory guidance

Regulators expect sponsors to place a stronger emphasis on understanding a drug’s full impact on patients’ functioning, wellbeing and quality of life.

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How to design a patient-centric cancer trial

Make PRO collection simple, convenient and relevant to your patients.

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