Global, publicly traded company chooses Clario CTMS to manage its clinical studies


  • Out-of-the-box configuration
  • Pre-programmed & pre-loaded with best practice configuration
  • Deployment timelines of 2-3 weeks
  • Only 3-4 days of configuration and training for your team
  • Variable cost subscription model, to pay only for what you use


The clinical operations team at a global, publicly-traded pharmaceutical company headquartered in the USA used another provider’s clinical trial management system (CTMS). The team hoped to replace it with a cost-effective, intuitive, easy-to-use CTMS solution for its global medical affairs group. As a result, the team conducted an extensive RFI/ RFP process to find a CTMS to meet its needs.

The company was having difficulty managing its Phase IV and investigator-initiated trials. It had been manually tracking information and workflows through spreadsheets. The company was unable to prove that an investigator site initiated an investigator-initiated trial. Consequently, the company sought an enterprise CTMS that could be implemented quickly and inexpensively.

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The company chose Clario CTMS because it is powerful, comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-use and could be implemented quickly. Key Clario CTMS capabilities that were especially attractive to the company included:

  • Centralized tracking of the study life cycle including sites, investigators, initiations, monitor visit reports (MVRs), regulatory documents, missing documents, expiry dates, protocol deviations, supplies and shipments
  • Easy detection of operational milestones that are being missed
  • Oversight of study budgets and invoice tracking by department, with the ability to calculate accruals instantly
  • Offline capabilities to complete MVRs
  • Management of document approval workflows
  • Ability to handle personnel and resourcing shifts as study volumes expand and shrink
  • Sharing of results through standardized, best-practice reporting


The company’s vision was to easily create role-based portals for monitors and investigators for each study, enabling end users to participate in an intuitive and user-friendly CTMS. The company appreciates the ability to use familiar Outlook tools for calendars, tasks, contacts and monitor visit reports.

By leveraging its existing investment in the Microsoft suite, the company implemented a SharePoint-based enterprise CTMS solution for a fraction of the cost of other systems and in within a fraction of the time. The company signed a perpetual license agreement with Clario that includes professional services and 300 additional SharePoint licenses.

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