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SCDM Annual Conference

September 11, 2022
September 14, 2022
Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort And Spa 9800 Hyatt Resort Dr, San Antonio, TX 78251

The SCDM Conference champions clinical data management (CDM) excellence with the goal of providing the benchmark for CDM knowledge and education that drives progress in the industry.

Session Information:

Panel Discussion: Talent Shortages in CDM. What You Can Do About It

Date: Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Time: 4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Etc/GMT-6)

Clinical Data Management is growing in demand and organizations are scrambling to find professionals with the necessary skills to fill these positions. One of the key reasons for this shortage of talent is the lack of information or training on clinical data management in the educational system. Few universities offer undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education programs in this area. As a result, graduates are not able to get jobs in this field through their education alone. Currently, there are more job postings for Clinical Data Managers than qualified candidates. This means that many organizations are unable to find people who have the skills they need and end up having to post their jobs for an extended period of time before they can hire someone. These hiring delays cause high turnover rates and high costs associated with training new staff. Another factor is sustained offshoring of most data review roles have led to lack of pipeline of CDM Leads. We will discuss these reasons and more. Further we will discuss what can we do to fix this shortage and where is this going in the future with all the developments in AI/ML solutions and such developments in the industry. We will make it a very interactive session with the attendees.


Dr. Joby John

Senior Director, Global Clinical Data Management at Clario

Joby is the Senior Director, Global Clinical Data Management at Clario with a passion for clinical data management and its evolution. She is a versatile Clinical Research executive with over 19 years of experience in managing end to end clinical services like EDC, CDM, SDTM, SAS, IXRS/IRT/RTSM, eTMF, CTMS, investigator payments and regulatory affairs/operations. Joby has worked with a wide array of global pharma companies, CROs and FSPs in setting up and managing multiple clinical domain teams. She is a skilled leader with proven success in managing diverse roles including service delivery/P&L and budget management, people management, change management, training development and client engagement management.